1. Why is our form of marketing the most effective?
Direct marketing provides a more personalized connection between our clients and their customers. Indirect marketing tactics such as telemarketing, television ads, and billboards lack the face-to-face contact and relationships that customers appreciate. Our customers want to do business with a friendly face and a smile, which is what we provide.

2. What qualities does your organization look for in a potential candidate?
We are looking for self-motivated professionals who are driven and passionate about success.  Individuals who excel in our company display great interpersonal skills, take an aggressive approach to learning new things, and are intent on setting and achieving goals. Strong character and the ability to represent our company and our client’s brand with honesty and integrity are fundamental.

3. What do you do for your clients?
We work with each client individually, tailoring our strategies to their targets and expectations. We specialize in retail consulting, new business development (acquisition) and retention on behalf of large corporations.

4. Who are your current clients?
Currently, our clients consist primarily of corporations that are part of Fortune’s 1000 largest companies worldwide. Different industries range from retail, wireless services, office supplies, natural gas and energy, and telecommunications. Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to specify and/or list our clients online but we welcome you to contact our office and speak to a staff member.

6. Are you a call center?

7. Where are the retail stores located that the Team Leads work with daily?
The Chicago metro area.

8. Are you currently filling outside sales positions?
No, we are currently only filling inside retail sales positions.

9. Does your company do residential door to door?
No. To date, we have never represented a company that required our agents to visit people at their homes.

10. Are your positions commission based?
No. Employees are offered salary-based compensation that is consistently competitive with industry averages.

11. How many people are currently employed at your company?
On average, Jonathan Wesley employs 25 employees.

12. Is there opportunity for advancement?
By meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations, we are able to provide opportunities for internal advancement for our employees.

13. Do I have to make a financial investment?
No – there is no startup cost or initial investment required.